To submit budgets, appeals, or anything related to finances, use the finance portal (sufinance.wustl.edu)


Treasury and Senate are the two houses of the Legislative Branch of Student Union. Treasury’s primary roles are to allocate Student Union funding to student groups, monitor the spending of those funds, and register and deregister student groups. Treasury has two committees to serve these functions: Budget Committee (BC) and Activities Committee (AC). The number of representatives is based on a ratio to the overall number of full-time undergraduate enrollees; it is not differentiated by school, as is the case with Senate. Treasury meets every Tuesday at 9:30pm in Simon 113. Email ude.l1519132437tsuw.1519132437us@yr1519132437usaer1519132437t1519132437 to confirm the time, location, and agenda.


Activities Committee (AC)

Activities Committee is the body that is in charge of registration and categorization of all student groups within Student Union. The Committee evaluates groups for registration based on distinctiveness, merit, and longevity; and then proposed budgets and past spending are evaluated for categorization decisions. Meetings are mainly comprised of hearing appeals from student groups, which are then discussed among the committee, and monitoring groups’ activity and spending records to ensure they are adhering to Student Union regulations. These meetings occur sporadically throughout the semester, usually about every two to three weeks. In addition to this, Activities Committee is also the body that is in charge of planning the Activities Fair! Overall, the goal of Activities Committee is to ensure that student groups are prospering on campus.

Budget Committee (BC)

Budget Committee in its simplest form is the body that reviews student groups’ budgets on a semesterly basis and allocates funds based on merit and the Budget Allocation Manual. The committee is divided in to BATs, standing for Budget Allocations Team. These teams take charge over a certain grouping of student groups, and engage in email correspondence and face-to-face meetings to find out more information about the student group and their budgets. Budget Committee holds shorter meetings occurring about once a week leading up to allocations, and meets multiple times a week for larger periods of time for the two weeks of allocations. These meetings are comprised of presenting each group’s budget, and talking through it as a committee to determine which events and items should be allocated funding.

How Treasury Works

You can find the Treasury Schematic which explains the Treasury process here.