Treasury Leadership

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Treasury and Senate are the two houses of the Legislative Branch of Student Union. Treasury’s primary roles are to allocate Student Union funding to student groups, monitor the spending of those funds, and register and categorize student groups. Treasury has two committees to serve these functions: Budget Committee (BC) and Activities Committee (AC). The number of Treasury representatives is based on a ratio to the overall number of full-time undergraduate enrollees; the current number of Treasury representatives is 21. Treasury meets every Tuesday at 8:00pm in Simon 113. Email Alia Nahra, Speaker of Treasury, at to confirm the time, location, and agenda or with any questions.

Activities Committee (AC)

Activities Committee is the body in charge of registration and categorization of all student groups within Student Union. The Committee evaluates groups for registration based on distinctiveness, programming, and sustainability of interest; proposed future budgets and past spending are evaluated for categorization decisions. Meetings are mainly comprised of evaluating applications from student groups and monitoring groups’ activity and spending records to ensure they are adhering to Student Union policies. These meetings occur throughout the semester, though are usually concentrated at the beginning and end of each semester around the New Group Recognition deadlines. In addition to these meetings, Activities Committee is also the body that is in charge of planning the semesterly Activities Fair and supervising SU’s long-term storage units! Overall, the goal of Activities Committee is to ensure that student groups are prospering on campus.

Budget Committee (BC)

Budget Committee is the body that reviews student groups’ budgets on a semesterly basis and allocates funds in accordance with the Budget Allocation Manual. The committee is divided in to Budget Allocation Teams (BATs), who serve as the liaison between BC and student groups. These teams take responsibility for a certain category of student groups, and engage in email correspondence and face-to-face meetings to find out more information about the student group and their budgets. Budget Committee meeting are concentrated around the allocation process, specifically a two-week period during which all student group budgets for the following semester are finalized. These meetings are led by BAT Leaders advocating for their group of budgets, and the committee discusses specific funding amounts for each budget.

How Treasury Works

You can find the Treasury Schematic which explains the Treasury process here.

Treasury Roster

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