Trending Topics

Applications to nominate speakers for the 2018-2019 academic year can be found here.

Trending Topics is a lineup of high caliber speakers brought to campus by a respective nominating student group with support provided by Student Union. All eligible student groups (CAT I, CAT II, and SU Executive Entities) have the opportunity to nominate up to two names of speakers they would like to see brought to campus. All Trending Topics events will be supported by Student Union, who will provide booking and PR support. Nominating student groups will be able to focus on developing creative programs to enhance both the student group’s and student attendees’ experience surrounding the speaker.

The form for speaker nominations can be found here: https://portfolio.wustl.edu/submitter/form/start/157299 (on WUGO). Please note that each student group may submit up to 2 speaker names, and up to 1 may be funded through the initial final ballot.

After the Appeals Session, Student Union will work with nominating student groups of funded speakers to determine the date on which the speaker will be brought to campus. We encourage student groups who are interested in bringing a speaker on a particular date or for an already scheduled event to seek funding through a Treasury appeal.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Kyle Jeter, Vice President of Programming, at  ude.l1544923723tsuw.1544923723us@gn1544923723immar1544923723gorp1544923723. We are excited about the opportunities and creative programs that student groups will bring to campus through Trending Topics!


Past speakers include: